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Our regular Sunday worship is at 10 am.  Welcome to all.

This service is moving away from traditional (Church Hymnary 3rd Editio) to contemporary music from a variety of sources (including ‘Alleluia Aotearoa’), supported by the choir.

In our worship services, we aim to retain everything that is the best from  the Village Church traditional services, while using language and preaching that helps us to relate worship and  faith to our everyday life.

We are continually modernisng our services to ensure they meet the needs of the whole community, including families and younger people and encourage our congregation to participate as far as possible.Communion is held both monthly and quarterly.  Taizé services are held occasionally and in the last twelve months two EPIC worship sessions have been held as well as a very successful series of music services. Special services are held for Easter and Christmas. Our Church is also available for other special services including Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals.